Version History

SpriteHelper 1.5

Added support for concave polygon shapes.
Added ability to add holes in a shape.
Added ability to edit physic properties.
Added ability to edit texture properties.
Added support for animations in the code.
Improved generate layout speed drastically.
Fixed drawing issues.
Fixed black line appearing on sprites for some users when generating layout.
No more copy/paste for the code – now with a clean and nice way to put your sprites in code – just one line of code.
Added ability to update the code dynamically.

SpriteHelper 1.4.2

Import multiple images at once.

Added feature to find all sprites in the imported images and layout those sprites in the best possible way so that they take the minimum space.

– Save the layout of those sprites as a new PNG image file.

– Added support for drag and drop.

– Removed restriction that forced users to draw shapes in counter clock wise way. Now you can draw in whatever direction you desire.

– Imported images now keep their aspect ratio when window is re-sized.

– Filter what you see in the scene by image file.

– Remove image from the scene with the click of a button.

– Remove sprites from the layout so that your PNG contains only the sprites you need.

SpriteHelper 1.3

Added support for CORONA SDK. You can now save your sprites as compatible SpriteSheet for CORONA as lua file. Also the code for putting your sprites in your game is generated for you.- NOW you can edit your shape points (no more recreating the shape if you didn’t do it right the first time). Just create a shape then press “Edit shape” button and drag with your mouse the points. When you are done press the “Finish shape” button. The tool will tell you if the shape is not compatible with any of the supported physic engines.I have listen to your request and added the following features:- Arrange your sprites by name, top, left, bottom, right.
– Select a sprite by just clicking on the image.
– Added “Show more info” menu item in “Tools” menu to show more sprite info (you can also access this info by right clicking on a sprite in the table).
– Updated shortcuts

SpriteHelper 1.2

Repaired bug that caused the view to not draw correctly.
Repaired bug that caused shapes to be displayed in another position.
Repaired various window resizing bugs.
Added support for Chipmunk Physic Engine.
Added support for AndEngine For Android With Box2D Engine.

SpriteHelper 1.1

Added search by sprite name.
Added support for non power of 2 textures.
Zoom slider updates in real time now.
Fixed an issue where sprites rectangles weren’t draw correctly in certain conditions.
Improve automatic selection algorithm slightly.
Added feature to update scene file with newly added sprites in the texture.

Make sure you watch the tutorial that explains the newly added features at the Tutorials page.

  • Testimonials

    Dean Murphy: "I use this for Corona and it is great in conjunction with LevelHelper!"
    a_x_m_x: "Simple and intuitive user interface. Qualitative support and feedback from the application developer."

  • Yuvi Medve: "I just found this tool yesterday, it's simply amazing! Its bigger brother, LevelHelper is an instant buy too!"
    RobertdeBoer: "Using SpriteHelper and LevelHelper. Great timesavers, and the creator is very responsive and helpful! Highly recommended!"
    Appzdojo: "I design, develop and create games for the iOS and Mac platform. I was looking for an easy to use, and quick tool for creating sprites and scenes with, that did not cost an arm and a leg. This does exactly as it suppose to do, very easy navigation, a lot of thought went into the flow and UI design. "
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