Known Issues

Version 1.5

Shape editing does not work. I have changed some transformation and the coordinates returned by the shape points does not match the mouse position. Fix will be available soon.

Code update doesn’t work. This is because Apple protection system is making the files read only. Until the new release i will upload the files on the website so you could download them. Thank you for understanding.

  • Testimonials

    Dean Murphy: "I use this for Corona and it is great in conjunction with LevelHelper!"
    a_x_m_x: "Simple and intuitive user interface. Qualitative support and feedback from the application developer."

  • Yuvi Medve: "I just found this tool yesterday, it's simply amazing! Its bigger brother, LevelHelper is an instant buy too!"
    RobertdeBoer: "Using SpriteHelper and LevelHelper. Great timesavers, and the creator is very responsive and helpful! Highly recommended!"
    Appzdojo: "I design, develop and create games for the iOS and Mac platform. I was looking for an easy to use, and quick tool for creating sprites and scenes with, that did not cost an arm and a leg. This does exactly as it suppose to do, very easy navigation, a lot of thought went into the flow and UI design. "
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