I get the message “Shape could not be processed” after i create a shape and add a hole in it. What should i do?

This message usually happens when you add a hole in the shape. There are two possible reason for this.

1. It may be that the lines from one point of a shape to another are overlapping in this case you will need to drag the points around so there is no overlapping.

2. The points of the shape cannot be connected with the points of the hole in a way that Box2d or Chipmunk will understand the shape. In this case you will again need to drag the points around – and click finish when your done – it will display you a message if the shape is not good, or delete the hole and create it again – this time with less points.

How do i need to name my sprites in order to run an animation on them?

For an animation, sprite will have to be named in order starting from 1 like this: “Anim1”, “Anim2”, “Anim3” – where this are the frames of the animation.

What is “Is Circle”?

By default, if you don’t have a shape on a sprite – when you make a body on that sprite using bodyWithUniqueName method the body will be a quad with the width and height the same as sprite dimension. If you select isCircle then the body will be constructed as a circle. Finally if you draw a shape on that sprite the body will be constructed as poly and isCircle will be ignored.

What is “Shape Border” ?

In some cases when you have bodies as quads and circles you may want those bodies to be smaller then the actual sprite. Adding a value in this field will subtract that value from the width and height of the sprite.

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    Dean Murphy: "I use this for Corona and it is great in conjunction with LevelHelper!"
    a_x_m_x: "Simple and intuitive user interface. Qualitative support and feedback from the application developer."

  • Yuvi Medve: "I just found this tool yesterday, it's simply amazing! Its bigger brother, LevelHelper is an instant buy too!"
    RobertdeBoer: "Using SpriteHelper and LevelHelper. Great timesavers, and the creator is very responsive and helpful! Highly recommended!"
    Appzdojo: "I design, develop and create games for the iOS and Mac platform. I was looking for an easy to use, and quick tool for creating sprites and scenes with, that did not cost an arm and a leg. This does exactly as it suppose to do, very easy navigation, a lot of thought went into the flow and UI design. "
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