SpriteHelper is a comprehensive and efficient tool which brings you a texture and a physic shape editor in one single package.

  • Pack all your sprites

SpriteHelper uses an advance algorithm to find and select the layout of all your sprites and to pack them into one single image in order for you to save memory.

  • One file for all engines

With the provided code you can load all your sprites with/without physic with one single line of code into your favorite game engine.

  • Edit physic parameters

You can edit parameters like friction, density,  restitution or even define a masks for your objects. If you don’t define a shape on a sprite it will automatically create a quad based object or a circle. You can even set your object to have a fixed rotation to be static, dynamic or kinematic.

  • Edit sprite properties

You can change the color*, scale, opacity and even set a Z Order* for your sprite right from inside SpriteHelper. No need to write line after line of code to make a sprite just like you want inside your engine.

  • Create animations

You can animated your sprites with just one line of code. Better check out the projects from Tutorial section to see how easy it is.

  • Free for engine developers, bloggers and teachers

If you are a developer of one of the supported engines, blogger who wants to help the community with a tutorial or a teacher that teaches game programming contact me in order to get SpriteHelper for free.

Make sure you download a demo project from the Tutorial Section to see how easy it is to use.

Support for Cocos2d, Cocos2d-X, Corona SDK, AndEngine and WiEngine.


Link to Mac App Store:

For support please contact me at vladu.bogdan@gmail.com or go to Help menu inside application and then “Send Feedback / Make suggestions / Report issues” menu.

A free version is also available but it limits the sprites you can have in a scene to 5,does not save the polygon shapes and puts a red X on the sprites when generating a layout.

* Color and Z Order available only for Cocos2d engines


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  • Testimonials

    Dean Murphy: "I use this for Corona and it is great in conjunction with LevelHelper!"
    a_x_m_x: "Simple and intuitive user interface. Qualitative support and feedback from the application developer."

  • Yuvi Medve: "I just found this tool yesterday, it's simply amazing! Its bigger brother, LevelHelper is an instant buy too!"
    RobertdeBoer: "Using SpriteHelper and LevelHelper. Great timesavers, and the creator is very responsive and helpful! Highly recommended!"
    Appzdojo: "I design, develop and create games for the iOS and Mac platform. I was looking for an easy to use, and quick tool for creating sprites and scenes with, that did not cost an arm and a leg. This does exactly as it suppose to do, very easy navigation, a lot of thought went into the flow and UI design. "
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